The work done by this firm draws upon three core disciplines—business management, ideation methodology, and facilitation techniques.

Business Management

We use core business management practices in consulting with clients, such as strategy/mission alignment, operational analysis, P&L review and financial optimization, and marketing/development campaign planning.


Go beyond random inspiration and unfocused brainstorming—Richert Innovation Consulting utilizes fail-safe methods of ideation to produce new ideas that stand out from the competition. We teach step-by-step innovation processes to define a problem, generate ideas, work through potential solutions, and decide optimal next steps. Processes include design thinking, visualization, iterative prototyping, and SIT methodology. (Systematic Inventive Thinking is an ideation process developed in Israel in the mid-1990s, derived from Genrich Altshuller’s TRIZ engineering discipline. See for more information.) These methods have been successfully used in many corporate environments—including major educational publishing companies—as practical and effective approaches to creativity, innovation, and problem solving.


The third discipline often used to support clients is structured facilitation, including collaborative work sessions and implementation planning, so we can involve team members, cross-functional experts, and stakeholders. We often use ToP facilitation processes—Technology of Participation is a collection of techniques developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the 1960s, and in use since then by corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and communities around the world.


Richert Innovation Consulting, LLC offers planning, facilitation, and ideation consultancy services to businesses and nonprofits, helping them achieve breakthroughs in performance. Formed in 2015, this firm specializes in assisting organizations focused on education and human development to make progress in the areas of: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Curriculum and Product Development, and Marketing Innovation. Combining business strategy, innovation, and facilitation methodology, Richert Innovation Consulting acts as innovation catalysts. We activate the value of your entire organization by combining fire with focus so you can transform your results.

Kirsten Richert

Principal consultant, Kirsten Richert, has over 25 years of experience setting business strategy and helping teams carry out its execution. Formerly Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Pearson—the world’s leading textbook publisher—Kirsten oversaw the creation of breakthrough “digital-first” K-12 curriculum. Now as an Innovation Catalyst, she helps teams plan new efforts, generate ideas, and execute on strategies. Kirsten brings 3 key strengths to the table: a keen ability to help an organization identify the gap between their mission and what they are actually able to accomplish and then bridge the gap; proven facilitation and ideation methods to solve problems and create new products; and a real-world focus on revenue growth, efficiency improvements, and marketing/communications excellence.

Kirsten hosts a weekly podcast on change management called Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change. She is the co-author of Shifting: How School Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change published by Corwin Press.


Feasibility: Adapting ideas so that they are possible to execute given limited resources while keeping their competitive edge is critical for success.

Energy: Focusing on the energy levels of people involved in creating new possibilities helps momentum be sustained until new outcomes are achieved.

Freshness: Generating new ideas that are intriguing captures attention and sets an organization apart from competitors.

Participation: Harnessing the expertise of team members improves the quality of plans and creates buy-in for their execution.

Alignment: Creating alignment between an organization’s mission, strategy, and its actual activities allows powerful progress to be made.

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